Kinsui Villa is reborn as
Hotel Miyajima Villa

A new hotel for independent, sophisticated customers has arrived,
located one minute walk from Miyajima Wharf

Hotel Miyajima Villa is not only an external renovation of Kinsui Villa. In addition to our guest accommodation, our lounge, terrace, bar, hot springs, restaurant and bakery will enable you to enjoy relaxing, staying and dining in Miyajima; in other words, our guests can experience the delights of Miyajima-style life at Miyajima Villa.

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  • Turning Miyajima into a Paradise Full of Smiles

    We consider Miyajima to be a special place. Miyajima is a tourist spot visited by more than four million people a year from both Japan and overseas. It is also a spiritual location which can be enjoyed both for its nature and history, with features including the World Cultural Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine and Misen Primeval Forest. It is said that the twelfth-century warrior Taira no Kiyomori built Itsukushima Shrine in order to recreate the world of the Buddhist Pure Land (paradise) here on earth. The concept of our new hotel is “a sophisticated home-from-home in Miyajima”. This arose from the following idea: “if you stayed in a second home in Miyajima on weekends and holidays, what kind of lifestyle would you enjoy?” This is a hotel where guests can enjoy relaxing, staying and dining in Miyajima; in other words, experiencing the entirety of Miyajima-style life at Miyajima Villa. Our role, as advisors on Miyajima-style life to our guests, is to provide plans and management for our guests to enjoy Miyajima during their stay, to offer the delights of Miyajima Villa Cuisine, which uses delicious local Hiroshima ingredients, and for all of us to turn Miyajima into a paradise full of smiles. How about joining us to make Miyajima into a smile-filled paradise together?

    Miyajima Villa Owner & Miyajima Memory Creation Producer Tony Takeuchi (Tsunenori Takeuchi, fifth-generation proprietor of Kinsuikan) Tomochin (Tomohiro Takeuchi, sixth generation heir of Kinsuikan)

new concept

Relax in Our Modern Japanese Guestrooms, with the Themes of “Townhouse, Sea & Mountain”

We offer three different kinds of concept room: Townhouse, Sea, and Mountain. All Miyajima Villa’s guestrooms have comfortable Western-style beds. a modern Japanese style designed on the three themes of a townhouse villa, a seaside villa and a mountain villa, we ask that you take off your shoes to enter our guestrooms with their high-quality, simple interior design.

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
Wi-fi provided on premises
All guestrooms non-smoking

Good taste dinner

The Full Range of Delicacies Recommended by Miyajima Locals

Miyajima Villa’s cuisine uses fresh, reliable and high-quality ingredients sent to us from local farms in Hiroshima, and is created using cooking methods that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients. Our cuisine is good for your health, delicious and allows you to experience the intrinsic natural flavors of the ingredients. Our cuisine is a collaborative production by chef Masayuki Okuda of “Al-che-cciano”, who advocates the tastiness of local ingredients, and Hotel Miyajima Villa’s head chef Isao Kobayashi. Enjoy this unique chance to savor Miyajima Villa’s cuisine to your heart’s content.

  • New Miyajima Cuisine Exclusive to Miyajima Villa Island Kitchen Restaurant

    Made with Hiroshima’s fresh, reliable and high-quality organic vegetables, meat, fish and seasonings. We offer original cuisine unique to Miyajima Villa, unrestricted by genre, in a liberal buffet style. Enjoy our delightful cuisine featuring a mix of traditional and new tastes.

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  • Miyajima’s First In-Hotel Homemade BakeryHomemade Bakery “Shimauma Pan”

    Miyajima Shimauma Pan

    This bakery’s name came from Tony’s idea of wanting our guests to enjoy tasty (umai) bread (pan) on this island (shima). We meticulously produce a limited variety of bread types, also used in hotel meals. Our stylish shimauma uniforms, gift-wrapping paper and bags make perfect souvenirs!

  • Hiroshima’s Delectable Sake, Wine and Local beer “Kura Vitto”

    Hiroshima is one of Japan’s three great sake brewing areas. Guests can enjoy Hiroshima’s delicious sake, shochu, wine from Miyoshi Winery, and local Miyajima and Hiroshima beers in style. This bar was designed as a physical representation of the spirit of brewing artisans. We also serve light snacks including homemade bread as a side dish for your drinks.
    (Counter seating / Table seating)

Because We Want You to Feel At Ease, Always.

After taking a bath in the gentle hot springs while gazing at a beautiful sunset, relax with a drink in our lounge exclusive to hotel guests. From time to time Miyajima Villa staff, in our role as the ever-so-slightly nosy housemates of your second home, will provide support for your Miyajima lifestyle. Enjoy a stay in Miyajima that has been customized especially for you, without being limited to traditional vacation styles.

  • A Relaxing Space that Enhances Villa Life
    Guest Lounge & Terrace “Komo Le Bi”

    Exclusive to overnight guests, the lounge features a fireplace, library corner, healing music, and during certain times, a free drink service and live music performances. Villa life becomes even more enjoyable through interaction with other guests and our staff. On the wooden terrace, small birds and tanuki raccoon dogs sometimes appear, playing in the sunlight filtering down through the treetops.

  • A Scenic View of Miyajima From a Unique Panoramic Bath
    Komyoseki Hot Spring

    “Yu Like”

    Our panoramic bath, where you can gaze at the most beautiful sunset in Miyajima, is a unique bath made for hot spring devotees, A Komyoseki artificial hot spring with tatami mat flooring.and gentle waters.

  • A Place For Villa Communication and Storytelling.
    Lobby“Kata Live”

    Our Miyajima concierge staff will suggest ways to enjoy Miyajima and your villa lifestyle.


For Active People.

Our staff, with their extensive knowledge of Miyajima, will suggest a variety of activities.

  • Photo Tour

  • Power Spot Tour

  • Trekking

  • Agricultural Producer Visit

Various plans are in progress until our opening!


1 Minute Walk from Miyajima Wharf

The hotel is before your eyes when you disembark from the ferry from Miyajimaguchi. The perfect location as a base for Miyajima sightseeing.
Sharing Miyajima’s Amazing Spots! The hotel is before your eyes when you disembark from the ferry from Miyajimaguchi. The perfect location as a base for Miyajima sightseeing.
1165 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0505

Sharing Miyajima’s Amazing Spots!

The hotel is before your eyes when you disembark from the ferry from Miyajimaguchi. The perfect location as a base for Miyajima sightseeing.