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A New Hotel
For Independent, Sophisticated Customers

Relax in a hot spring gazing at the Seto Inland Sea,
experience the tastes of Hiroshima and Miyajima cuisine,
and enjoy the nature and history of Miyajima.
A modern Japanese hotel has arrived in Miyajima,
for you to experience all aspects of Miyajima-style life.

Four Delights of Staying at Miyajima Villa

About the Guestrooms

Our guestrooms are designed with Miyajima living in mind, where leisurely island time passes by. All Miyajima Villa’s guestrooms have comfortable Western-style beds.In a modern Japanese style designed on the three themes of a townhouse villa, a seaside villa and a mountain villa, our guestrooms have a high quality, simple interior design.

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About Cuisine

Our menus are produced by Tony, the fifth-generation proprietor of Kinsuikan and meticulous foodie, and Chef Masayuki Okuda of Al-che-cciano. Hiroshima-sourced ingredients, selected with care by our head chef Hideki Ishioka, are sent to us from local contracted farms in Hiroshima. Please enjoy a feast of ingredients that can only be tasted here at Hotel Miyajima Villa.

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About the Hot Spring

Our panoramic bath with its tatami mat flooring, where you can gaze at the most beautiful sunset in Miyajima, is a Komyoseki artificial hot spring with gentle waters.

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Hotel Miyajima Villa is situated just ninety paces on foot from the entrance of Miyajima. The hotel is conveniently located for sightseeing, including walks around the World Cultural Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine and the great Torii shrine arch. We offer the service of storing your luggage before check-in or after check-out, so please enjoy hands-free sightseeing in Miyajima at your leisure.

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Enjoy Villa Life Even More

Experiences to Enjoy Miyajima Even MoreActivity

Our staff, with their deep knowledge of Miyajima, will suggest a variety of activities for you to enjoy an active villa lifestyle.


10 minutes by ferry from Miyajimaguchi on the JR line and Hiroshima Electric Railway
1 minute’s walk from Miyajima Wharf

Arriving by Train

(From JR Hiroshima Station)
Sanyo Main Line, bound for Iwakuni ~ Miyajimaguchi
Hiroshima Electric Railway, bound for Miyajima ~ Miyajimaguchi

Arriving by Plane

(From Hiroshima Airport)
Highway bus bound for Hiroshima Station/Bus Center
Sanyo Main Line from JR Hiroshima Station ~ Miyajimaguchi
(From Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport)
JR Iwakuni Station by airport connection bus
From JR Iwakuni Station, Sanyo Main Line bound for Hiroshima

A Sophisticated Home-from-Home in Miyajima

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