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Experiencing the Pleasures of Miyajima Life
A Sophisticated Home-from-Home in Miyajima

Miyajima Villa arose from the following idea: “if you stayed in a second home in Miyajima on weekends and holidays, what kind of lifestyle would you enjoy?”Miyajima Villa guests can enjoy relaxing, staying and dining in Miyajima; in other words, experiencing the pleasures of Miyajima-style life. Our role, as advisors on Miyajima-style life to our guests, is to provide various exciting plans and management, to offer the delights of Miyajima Villa Cuisine, which uses delicious local Hiroshima ingredients, and for all of us to turn Miyajima into a paradise full of smiles.How about joining us to make Miyajima into a smile-filled paradise together?

History of Miyajima Villa


Reborn from Kinsuikan, Miyajima’s Century-old Inn

Kinsuikan, established in 1902, is fortunate to celebrate its 115th anniversary this year, 2017. In 2005, our in-house hot springs Miyajima Shioyu Onsen was opened, the result of our ambition to restore hot springs to Miyajima, the first for thirty years. Since then, Kinsuikan was revamped as high quality accommodation for independent travelers, and we expanded our Miyajima Wedding section, our Miyajima Mushiman steamed buns retail business and our restaurant section. Additionally, we developed our relationship with customers through web-based activities to attract guests and spreading information about Miyajima using social media, and, with a focus on fostering new talent and recruiting new graduates, we keep pace with the changing times and implement a unique management style with the participation of all staff members via a written management plan.

Secret Origin Story


The Secret Story of the Origin of Hotel Miyajima Villa

Kinsui Villa was opened in 1980, and has changed name three times with each change in management style. (Miyajima Royal Hotel → Kinsuikan Annex → Kinsui Villa)On this occasion, while Kinsui Villa has continued to operate as Kinsuikan’s second brand, a large-scale renovation has become necessary due to the aging of the facilities and to reinforce anti-earthquake measures.So, we – chiefly myself, Tony Takeuchi, and my eldest son Tomochin who is our managing director – thought about what to do with Kinsui Villa in the future, and devised an accommodation concept and a business plan for the Villa as a new hotel. We entrusted the design to our friend Shibata, vice president of NSP Design, who had at the time taken part in the design of Kinsuikan, made a business plan model, and the large-scale repair works commenced on January 10, 2017.